TL Services, LLC is a one-stop shop for special servicing.  We work with banks and lenders to aid in every facet of their operations as they deem necessary.  We manage assets from performing to non-performing, to other real estate owned (property).  Our network of banking professionals, real estate agents, note buyers and an experienced workout team allows us to meet all the needs of our clients. Our clients strategically engage us in their operations while gaining lower costs to drive overhead down because of our a la carte-type service menu.
It is our belief that we are the best resolution company, which is why we only bill when we succeed, incentivizing our team to get results for our clients. While other companies charge annually, monthly, daily or hourly, we offer a flat fee on our successes, ensuring that our clients to factor in all costs associated with our efforts.


We make decisions based on meeting our clients’ needs and understanding that we desire a long-term relationship that is mutually rewarding.  Because of this, we have strong communication with our clients to ensure we understand and work together to achieve their objectives.


As with all businesses, you are only as strong as those that work for you as well as with you.  We recognize the need to engage quality companies to perform the legal and property management efforts that are sometimes required in servicing a portfolio. We ensure that those we work with understand their role, as well as the value they can add to a client’s profit margin.



We focus on managing our liens to timelines which meet our clients’ goals.  By doing so, we meet our clients’ expectations and support their financial goals.




Simply put, we are trustworthy and honest in our business relations.

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