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TL Services, LLC works with small banks and lenders to revitalize their asset management and strengthen customer relationships. From early-stage assessment to disposition and liquidation, our team is here to support your operations, offering only what you need and charging only when we succeed, so you remain in control every step of the way.

Special Asset Servicing

You get a full-time special assets team dedicated to creatively revitalizing and resolving each account while you remain in control.

Loan Collections

Whether you’re behind on one loan or 100, our team takes a strategic and assertive approach to minimize losses, charging only for what we collect.

Rent Receiver

Let us do the work, assuming full management of your assets, accounts, and rent to ensure you get paid during the foreclosure process.

Foreclosure Management

Have our experienced agents handle the tough negotiations and strategic remarketing of all foreclosed properties to expedite the sales process.

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    Additional Services

    Loan Sales

    Our team of experts will take control of any non-performing loan to get it sold quickly and efficiently while leaving all final decisions to you.

    OREO Management and Liquidation

    On any foreclosed property, our real estate specialists handle all aspects of the sale, from preparation and maintenance to final closing. 

    Workout of Non-Performing Assets

    Our workout solutions are uniquely customized to your needs, working every angle to find the best resolution for each asset.