Our Guiding Principles

Imagine the support and proficiency of a full-service special assets firm right at your fingertips. With a 24-7 operation structure, you can take advantage of full-time, dedicated special assets experts without adding another employee to the payroll — and we never ask for PTO.

Your unique needs are the core of what we do. Our network of banking and workout professionals, real estate agents, and note buyers create an unrivaled team to manage your assets—performing, non-performing, and real estate owned—based specifically on your individual challenges. TL Services, LLC will handle the tough negotiations and resolution process for you, while you remain in control of every decision. 

We believe that we are the very best at asset resolution, which is why you only pay when we succeed. This strategy further drives our team to get results for our clients. When you need creative and assertive solutions to orchestrate deals with investors and liquidate non-performing assets quickly, our full-service firm will work every angle possible to find the best resolution for you.

Putting You First — Always.

You’re in control — every step of the way.  Strategically engage us to fit in your operations however you want, while gaining lower costs to drive overhead down based on our one-off support structure. Everything we do is designed to create a long-term relationship that is mutually rewarding, enforced by strong communication every step of the way.

Building Relationships for the Future.

You’re only as strong as those that work for you — and with you.  We understand the importance of quality and trust in a company handling your legal and property management efforts. We also know the value in reviving non-performing accounts into thriving relationships. We ensure everyone we work with — and every account we work on — follows this mindset.

Getting It Done for You.

We’re strong-willed, and it works. When you have tough negotiations or unresponsive accounts to manage,  our creative and assertive approach will ensure that you get the resolution you need. We strive to work every possible angle of the non-performing asset to minimize losses quickly and effectively.

Succeeding Together.

Simply put, you only pay TL when we deliver. While other companies charge on a monthly or hourly basis, we offer a flat fee structure based entirely on our success for individual loans. This approach ensures that all costs you pay directly reflect our efforts, and nothing more.